Promote Your Music by reaching out to your Fans

 Reach fans in as many cities as you like


Designed for Artist and Fans

Fans Targeting

Let your Fans Reach you on the latest compositions

Target the Fan location

Target your fan in a specific area of your choice

Stay at the Top of Crowd

Easily manage your social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

Designed for Musicians

You put your heart and soul into the art, share that with fans on your terms

Promote your Music to your Fans

Put your Music in front of your fans and stay at the top of the crowd. Target your fans at specific locations and entertain them with your latest compositions.

 Africa Charts will take responsibility for your promotion and take your compositions to your fans.

Reach your Fans in different cities

Your fans reside across the country and reaching them instantly with your new compositions is a great way to retain them.

Stay at the top of the crowd

Stay at the top of the crowd and let your fans listen to your best compositions and new releases at the earliest.

Social media platforms come and go

Your fans live on Social Media. Great Social Media Campaigns will be your great resources to reach out to your fans and get their attention.

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