Helping artist design, print, market & sell beautiful merch

Create additional revenue, build your artist brand, and cement a special connection with your fans

eCommerce for Artist


More revenue while building your fans

The more merch sold, the more income, and promotion by fans. Which in-turn gets more people listening to your music, coming to shows, and buying merch.


Merch sales are far more profitable.

On average, it takes about 5,800 streams to equal the profit from one t-shirt sale. Crunch the numbers and it’s clear most artist make far more selling merch than from streaming


Experts for the Entire Process

Whether it’s product design, distribution, or payment processing … our expert team can assist with every step 


Powerful Integrations

With extensions like YouTube merchself, Instagram checkout, and Woo-Commerce. We work with musicians to offer merch to their community on their terms

Build deeper connections with your fans

Selling beautifully designed merchandise creates a beautiful flywheel effect.

The more merch you sell, the more income, and the more your brand gets promoted by your fans.

Which gets more people listening to your music, coming to your concerts, and buying merch.

Why Merchandise is an Essential for Musicians

It’s true we live in a streaming world, in 2019 76% of all music sales were streamed. While streaming services do an incredible job providing a massive platform for artist to spread their music and brand. Let’s be honest, streaming alone simply doesn’t generate enough money for most creatives.

What can you do with Merchandise?

With your own eCommerce store, you have complete control over the design and branding. Unlike social media platforms, there are no design limits, no sudden changes, and no distractions like ads and links encouraging visitors to click away.

You never have to worry about whether or not people are actually seeing your products. Let your fans buy their favorite product from your store and enjoy. 

You make more Money

If you’re selling music or merch, having your own online store is even more critical. You get to keep more of that revenue by selling directly to your fans. Plus, your fans can join your mailing list when shopping from your online store. You can then let them know about new albums, tours, crowdfunding campaigns, and more.

A One-Stop Destination for your Art

A standalone store is really the only place a band or artist can effectively display their “brand.”

Your products will be displayed encouraging the fans to buy. You will have complete control over your store and products and do the design changes as you want it. 

Physical Product Sales are far more Profitable.

On average, it takes about 5,800 streams to equal the profit from one t-shirt sale. Crunch the numbers and it’s clear the average emerging music artist makes far much more money selling merch than from streaming … which is why physical media is as relevant today as it ever was.

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