Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add, change or remove album artwork, artist info and photos, or album and song info on
To request changes to this information on our site contact us at [email protected] Please note: only artists who have either charted on AC, or included in a article are available the site.


I have a technical question or website issue, where do I submit those?
Please contact using the contact form (Click Here) to submit technical questions. Be sure to provide an email address if you’d like a response.


How often are Africa charts calculated?
AC publishes a large variety of charts and depending on the type of chart and region addressed, the schedule of updates can differ. With that being said generally speaking A.C. provides weekly, monthly and annual charts.


Your charts pages are not up-to-date!
Charts are updated generally on Saturday, the process of updating each chart starts early in the morning, goes on throughout the day and ends by night. The chart update team carefully reviews the chart content and functionality to ensure all information is correct and that the chart pages are functioning correctly. If you check the charts early on Saturday, you may catch the pages mid-update; please wait a few minutes and try again. If it’s later in the week and you don’t see the new chart, or only see a partially new chart, please clear your browser cache and try again.


How many sales, radio spins, video views, etc does it take to reach No.50, 40, 10, 1..?
There is no fixed number of sales, radio airplay, or music video views required to achieve a certain chart position on any given week. The position of a particular song or recording artist is completely relative.


I’d like to buy some of the titles listed on your site. Can you sell them to me?
We do not sell music on our site. If you wish to purchase any of the titles listed on any of our charts, contact a music retailer. A non-exhaustive list of retailers can be found at our ARIA chart stores page.


I’m looking for a chart from the past and can’t find it anywhere. Are past charts available anywhere on the Africa Charts website?
Africa Charts is in the process of reviewing and redeveloping its web presence to increase the interactivity of the chart and include some access to archival chart information.


I’m independently releasing a CD. What has to happen for it to chart?
First and foremost, it must be eligible for inclusion in the chart. In order to ensure that ARIA is able to effectively track all titles, it will also be necessary for you to advise ARIA that you wish to have it tracked and provide ARIA with the necessary information for inclusion in ARIA’s chart database.

Please contact the ARIA Chart Department if you have any queries in relation to the eligibility rules or any other requirements.


Why didn’t you review [any recording artist]’s latest disc?
Literally every week thousands of singles, album, mixtapes, and music videos are released each week thought-out Africa, and hundreds of said releases arrive at Africa Charts offices. To review all the releases we receive is physically impossible, so our team here at Africa Charts chooses various titles to cover based on retail and airplay potential, as well as artistic merit.