Currently Africa Charts produces music charts for 8 African countries (regions) and we are working hard processing data from over 21. In addition, we are on track to expand into 34 nations and regions in the next 3 years and our goal simply put is the entire continent.

We here at Africa Charts are dedicated to sharing the beautiful and unique music of the continent’s highly talented artist no matter the region, culture, or language. If your organization would like to assist in that process for a particular country (click here to contact us). Please note, in order to produce charts a certain number of qualified data sources are required. So we are always looking for local partners (radio stations, top music blogs, retailers, and of course fans)


Algeria (Not Enough Data)
Angola (Data Being Collected)
Benin (Data Being Collected)
Botswana (Data Being Collected)
Burkina Faso (Not Enough Data)
Burundi (Not Enough Data)
Cameroon (Data Being Collected)
Cape Verde (Not Enough Data)
Central African Republic
(Not Enough Data)
Chad (Not Enough Data)
Comoros (Not Enough Data)
Congo (Not Enough Data)
Cote D’ivoire
(Data Being Collected)
DR Congo (Not Enough Data)
Djibouti (Not Enough Data)
Egypt (Producing Annual Charts)
Equatorial Guinea 
(Not Enough Data)
Eritrea (Not Enough Data)
Ethiopia (Data Being Collected)


Gabon (Not Enough Data)
Gambia (Data Being Collected)
Ghana (Data Being Collected)
Guinea (Not Enough Data)
(Not Enough Data)
Kenya (Data Being Collected)
Lesotho (Not Enough Data)
Liberia (Data Being Collected)
Libya (Data Being Collected)
Madagascar (Not Enough Data)
Malawi (Not Enough Data)
Mali (Data Being Collected)
Mauritania (Not Enough Data)
Mauritius (Not Enough Data)
Mayotte (Not Enough Data)
Morocco (Data Being Collected)
(Data Being Collected)
Namibia (Data Being Collected)
Niger (Data Being Collected)

Nigeria (Producing Weekly Charts)
Reunion (Not Enough Data)
Rwanda (Not Enough Data)
Sao Tome-Principe
(Not Enough Data)
Senegal (Not Enough Data)
Seychelles (Not Enough Data)
Sierra Leone
(Data Being Collected)
Somalia (Not Enough Data)
South Africa (Producing Charts)
St. Helena (Not Enough Data)
Sudan (Not Enough Data)
Swaziland (Data Being Collected)
Tanzania (Data Being Collected)
Togo (Data Being Collected)
Tunisia (Data Being Collected)
Uganda (Not Enough Data)
Western Sahara
(Not Enough Data)
Zambia (Data Being Collected)
Zimbabwe (Not Enough Data)